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3305 South Boulvard
Charlotte, NC, 28209

(704) 665-6227

About Press Club

Press Club Dry Cleaners is locally owned and operated by Jennifer and Bill Bowling. Unlike most traditional dry cleaning owners who were "born" into the business with family ties, Bill and Jennifer bring a wealth of 21st century real world experience and knowledge into the Press Club organization.


Press Club Advantages

Just when we think we have heard the worst stories about Charlotte dry cleaners it seems we are quickly proven wrong with another disappointing tale. Recently we discovered:

  • A Fort Mill South Carolina dry clean pick up store that hauls their customer's "clean" clothes from the independent wholesale plant to the drop store in a van piled on top of dirty commercial janitorial equipment.
  • A Huntersville North Carolina dry cleaner who has replaced laundry detergent with dishwashing liquid to save money.
  • A South Charlotte dry cleaner who choose to never hook up their hot water heater in order to reduce their utility bills.


Our People

We are real choosy (maybe even a little anal retentive) when I comes to recruiting new Press Club team members. In fact, less than 10% of prospective candidates  succeed in passing our cleaning and pressing skills evaluation to ultimately become a member of the Press Club team.

Our Systems

How frustrating is it to pick-up a freshly cleaned garment only to notice a spot? At Press Club we inspect for stains, spots and missing buttons at 4 intervals during the cleaning process.

Our Equipment

At Press Club Dry Cleaners we are constantly performing preventative maintenance to ensure we consistently deliver the best service on time. every time. In addition, we are continuously adding new equipment  to ensure we exceed your expectations.





Retail Store & Cleaning Plant


3305 South Boulevard

Charlotte, NC  28209


Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm

Saturday/Sunday 9am – 2pm